Through any smart phone (or Internet connected tablet), SmartCodeFx
Solutions delivers retail shoppers specific product information and
promotional offers in-store that become increasingly more customized as
a result of repeated usage. The key is a patent pending system of
leveraging bar codes to deliver relevant content to shoppers when a
consumer uses their smart phone to swipe SmartCodeFx symbols

SmartCodeFx Solutions intelligent servers learn each user’s unique buying habits
and preferences based on their in-store SmartCodeFx scanning and then delivers the
consumer customized information and promotional offers at point of sale through their smart phone. 

Catalina Corporation (now a major global marketing company) pioneered delivering targeted coupons
at the store checkout based on the products purchased. SmartCodeFx Solutions takes that experience
to the next level. Now product manufacturers and retailers can deliver customized decision-making
information and promotional offers to shoppers before store checkout. And, because each
SmartCodeFx is cloud based, product manufacturers and retailers can make real time changes as a
result of inventory and/or emerging shopper reactions to information and promotional offers.  

Besides in-store applications, SmartCodeFx Solutions have applications outside the retail
environment. For example, magazine, book, and catalogue publishers can use patent pending
SmartCodeFx Solutions to deliver cloud based, customized, real time information to readers through
their smart phones and Internet connected tablets.